The Uganda Pararowing Federation (UPRF) formerly known as Uganda Disabled Rowing Association (UDRA) has over the years (2006 – 2013) been able to promote the development of adaptive rowing sport in the country. Adaptive Rowing in Uganda was introduced in 2006 by one Josephine Namayanja after attending a classification course in Mombasa Kenya. In the course of the following years, UARF has been able to carry out several activities but also being confronted by many challenges as well which we hope to address in order to move forward.


The Uganda Para-rowing Federation (UPRF) envisions a developed adaptive rowing sport in Uganda.


To empower members actualize independent living through access to sports.


We play our Role.

Our main goal Uganda Para-rowing Federation (UPRF) main objective is to tap, nurture and develop rowing sport talents from the grassroots to National level.

This strategic work plan is intended to guide the federation for the next 4 years including activities and strategic outcomes.

Strategic objectives include:-


  1.    To lobby and advocate for rowing

  2.    To promote, develop and conduct talents for Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) through Para-Rowing sport

  3.    To mobilize Persons with Disabilities to participate in rowing activities

  4.    To procure the necessary rowing equipment and avail it to the members

  5.    To prepare teams to participate in various competitions at national, regional and international levels

  6.    To identify and develop talented rowing men/ women among PWDs.

  7.    To use rowing as a means of enhancing the social, emotional and physical needs for PWDs

  8.    To perform any task that aims at enhancing the development of rowing for PWDs


Strategic Priorities


  1. Introduce a management structure that provides for the efficient and effective administration and development of rowing sport.

  2. Build participation through training of athletes, coaches, and medical personnel, classifiers administrators and umpires.

  3. Develop an efficient marketing, communication and publicity strategy for Adaptive rowing as a sport.

  4. Ensure that Para- rowing sport has a strong and sustainable financial base.

  5. Ensure a good working relationship with the UPC, NCS, Uganda Rowing Federation, companies and other stakeholders on the development of sports facilities and provision of equipment that are adaptive and user-friendly for the Para- rowers.


Joining the federation just requires registration. Once registered you have to attend the training and become more familiar with the game. With this, you will be informed whenever there is an event so that you're directed on what to do.

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